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Went to the range today

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Finally picked up a used scope locally, a Leupold VX3 3-9x40 Compact.
got it mounted on the new Anschultz 1416 D HB and went to the range to get it on paper.post-227-0-23809700-1429146353_thumb.jpg
Took 10 different types of ammo but only got thru the Norma Match 22 and ended with this 10 shot group. post-227-0-15656200-1429146370_thumb.jpg

Forgot to bring the cleaning rod to clean before changing brands and the wind was picking up so deceided to call it a day. Was shooting off the shoulder with a Harris bi-pod. I know it needs to tighten up a bit more but it will get better, I hope. 9 more brands of ammo to go thru to see what it really likes.
Going to my 1st IR 50/50 shoot this weekend for something to do and will shoot in the Sporter class.
Anytime I can get out and shoot is a good day.

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Hello, my first post here. Some interesting trivia for you . I have an Anschutz make in the early 30's that my uncle brought back from Germany in 1946. It is a single shot 6mm. The first gun I ever shot when I was a young lad. He gave it to an older cousin and my cousin gave it to me when I was 12. I'm 78 now and will pass this to my grandson when I check out. Quality made rifle. Good shooting. Oldknifemaker.

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In college while on the rifle team I shot a Savage Anshultz 22 ... single shot. Extremely accurate rifle when set up properly and shot with a steady hand and rest as well as good breathe control ... Oh yah ... almost forgot ... coach wouldn't let use drink coffee within 6 hours of a match.

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