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Newby to gold prospecting, finding gold without a creek?


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In 2010 I bought my parents old place, 10 acres. My much older brother has said for 40 years that he thought there could be gold here. He has done a little prospecting in other places and has a few ounces to show for it. He was self taught by reading books, before the internet was around. He is pretty much disabled now due to a back injury from a fall so he can't "supervise" me.So I need a little extra advise!

There is no water running through this property, but rumer has it that many years ago part of it was covered by a green pond, the comunity is called Greenpond. After looking at sattilite pictures and topicgrafical maps, there is a good possiblity that this is true. About 20 years ago he dug around a little, about 4' deep, with his tiny pull behind a car/truck backhoe.He didn't find gold here but there s a lot of quartz and other signs. There is mostly solid granite is about 6' down in some places but not everywhere, mostly on higher ground. There is a granite mine about 8 miles away. They say the rock that they are mining extends to here.

There may have been water flowing years ago, becuse the water table is pretty high, I know this because the 190' deep well is close to a higher point on the property and the water in it is only 23' from the suface. The lowest part is maybe 30' and probaby more below that. I don't have an acurate way to measure it. Plus the "fill in" over the years has probably raised the lower part since there is a lot of runoff water from the higher side.

I have an old Ford tractor with a backhoe that I bought 2 years ago, so I can go much deeper than he did. I went to the lowest part of the property and dug a small hole about 12' deep and only got red dirt, no quartz or rock. I panned some of it and got nothing. I can make a bigger hole and go down to bedrock, I think, since I can slope it and get my tractor down in the hole as I go, but that may take a while. I could end up with a leaky pond since a lot of runoff water ends up there.

Am I digging in the wrong place? The quartz and rock is mostly at the top of the hill and there are a lot of huge rocks, mostly granite and maybe some limestone, I think, in that area.

Or am I a just an old fool looking for gold?

As far as I know there has been no gold mines discovered within 20 miles of here. But tracer gold has been found in creeks both north and south of me.

By the way, I'm in upper Laurens county, SC if that helps!

Thanks for any help before hand if anyone helps !

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If you dig way below your well you are taking a chance of hitting the strata that feeds your well which would be a real screwup ! Go back to the top dig down to the hard stuff and vacumn up the hard surface and pan that out. Gold if it moved through there will be behind under and hidden around the big rocks and down on hard bottom.. There are several people on here that should be able to help pinpoint a good location if any to dig...Just dont lose your water

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Sample, Sample, Sample. Get a 10 gallon cement mixing bin from home depot, fill it up on site with 10 gallons of water, from five gallon tanks if you have to, and pan your samples in that. Sample from the different layers you find to see if there's gold there. Top of layers, bottom of layers, are the best. If you find an area that returns, try to sample it to see how consistent it is, and then what area its found in.

If you do find a "pay streak," you can create a recirculating system, that's what I use when in AZ. I use a recirculating sluice in a 50 gallon bucket. The water is muddy after the first bucket I run through it, and I'm sure I lose a lot of the smaller gold because of that. However, I doubt SC is ever dry enough to dry wash, which is an option, prefer in AZ, but several months a year, the dirt in AZ can be too moist to dry wash.

Beyond my experience, but if you were hitting clay at 10' deep, you could have been inches above gravel, or hundreds of feet. Also don't know your local geology, but in the Phoenix valley, it is hundreds. if not thousands of feet deep of valley fill. Dirt just covers whatever bedrock structure is down below that. You don't really know if the granite you see on the other parts of your property a few feet below the surface is the top of a tall steep hill covered by this fill or not. The pay streaks you're looking for will likely be in ancient creek beds, or at the deepest parts of your property.

I don't want to discourage you, but don't put a lot of effort in if sampling does not pay off. It sounds like drilling may be a better way to sample the property than digging a whole with the back hoe. The backhoe may be cheaper in the short run, but won't cover the ground or depth that drilling will. Without a good historical basis of gold being found in your county, it'd be hard to justify a lot of digging or any drilling. It's very common to have to remove feet of overburden to get to any paystreak. Some of the strip mines remove hundreds of feet of overburden to get to the layer they're after.

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Sampling is key. Find the lowest spot on your property and do a little digging there. Another place to test would be any places on your property where a small creek forms when it rains very hard. Lastly, a spot where large boulders have gathered at some point in time may be a good spot.

Something like a Garret Deluxe Gold Pan Kit should do the trick.

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Beg/borrow or rent a good gold detector as the absolute fastest,easiest most economical way to check out any property anywhere for gold presence. You will be checking out at least a cubic foot of gravels/dirt every 2 seconds and THAT is a large amount as you can't even shovel that fast into any small equipment especially with no water. New constant flow drywashers work great but your lugging heavy stuff around and no where near the production of a good ol'detector. Bill has some great ones for sale here on his forum store...Lotza luck with your golden dream BUT your also in some great gemstone area so dig into the historical society records/museum/ local mining books at the library. Educate and prosper-John :thumbsupanim

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