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Last summer's take

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Ok fellers, I know it's been a while since I've made any serious posting. Back in feb of 13 up till 2 months ago I had NO internet service, just couldn't afford it. Finally got some internet an my home PC kept blockin the signal an couldn't figure that out. My gf had a small hp laptop but I couldn't find my software disk from my digital camera that tells the puter how upload an arrange pics, video, an data from my camera, but I'm up an runnin now! Spent last summer workin 2 different parks. One started out as a private property as early as 1830, 2-3 generations live out their lives there then it was donated to the little town it was near an the town turned it over the county, it's been a public county park ever since. It's about 40-50 acres 20 of witch has been disturbed/dug up for modern infrastructure, walkways, benches, play areas, lighting, etc. But the rest of it is mostly Undisturbed. The other park ain't as old but was built as a park from the beginning of the neighborhood it's in started back around 1910. Now none of these coins were found all at once, there'd be 1-5 or 6 with lots of clad an tons of trash, I mean literally buckets of trash. More trash that I think I'm willin to admit to digging up. An I'd show up there at sunrise an hunt till suppertime the 2 or so days I could give it each week. so here ya go...................................








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Rocky you sure came back on site with a blast!

Your success just goes to show what hard work and digging a lot of trash can produce.

As a former 25 year coin hunter you sure got my attention.

Great job and thanks for the pics.

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Appreciate the kind words John, Skip, an Don and you other fellers I'm not so familiar with. To answer yer question there Skip I'm not sure what the mint mark is. I have a 3rd buffalo nickel an it's a 1929 an just below the date on either there's a mark that kinda looks like a backwards upside down "L" but it's very small, looks kinda like a worn "P" but much smaller than the "P" on the backs of the war nickels. I can try an git a better picture of it but all the buffalos have 4 legs. Oh, to correct a typo in the initial post here it was feb of 2014 not 13 that I decided I wasn't gonna keep payin AT&T 60.+$ fer just internet. They ain't no internet service worth 60 bucks/month so I went without fer about a year till I found a better deal.


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Hey Frank,

Nice haul!

Internet is a rip off fer sure if you don't have cable. But here's what I found. I finally bit the bullit and went with Hugesnet satelite sevice for 63 bucks a month. Not the fastest but it don't rip you off like cell towers do if you live in a weak signal area. Also now there is another satelite service down here in Texas. It's called Excede. They been sending ads for 50 bucks a month so i'll probably switch when my contract runs out.



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Just paid mine yesterday-$73.46 for land line/internet,$34 Verizon cell,and that bloody tv dish is $91.91 ,just shy of $200 a month for blue sky and bs...sic sic sic-John

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