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Couple little guys

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Got out today and went on the bike way out to a hill I found some old drywash piles on. Made the rough and long ride back there, the monsoons had really chewed the trail up since I was there last year. Got all the way back and found the hill top was completely covered in dense knee high grasses. Impossible to detect, last year it was half baron. I was really wanting to try the GB2 out here too. Darn!

So next I went over a little ways to a wash, checked it out and nothing. After that I went to another wash on the way back to the truck, and nothing!I I really wasnt liking this particular area so I headed back and went about six miles the opposite direction from were I had parked to a whole new area. :hiker:

I picked a wash that looked good and noticed some past handstacking on the way up it, so I started detecting exposed bedrock and blowing out cracks looking for fines. Wasn't having any luck though. I got pretty far up the wash when I decided to throw a hail Mary and just pick an area to remove overburden. I placered out about a 3'x3' spot and popped out two little guys!!! :yesss: Well that got me all excited so I placered 10' above and below these two and nothing but some BB's. Glad I beat the skunk today!!


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They say persistence pays off. You proved it. Nice looking nuggets there!

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WTG Shay :)

Your getting pretty darn good with the GB2.

Persistent little cuss also!

Glad you were able to get out on the bike and have some fun.

Love that first pic of it sitting there in the dirt.


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