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Old snake buckle

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Hey guys, I found this with my AT gold the other day. Up wildhorse creek. There was a gold rush there in 1863. A lot of the miners were from the states as well as chinese. Can't seem to find one just like it online. Any ideas as to age or origin?? Thanks


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I have seen many different types of Civil War era and pre-Civil War era snake buckles as well as Canadian WWI and pre-WWII snake buckles, but I haven't seen one like yours, many of them were made in England and many in the states, yours could be a civilian buckle and also could of been made in England and or in the states, it appears to have a good patina but hard to say how old it is without another known example with a reliable history.

The one thing that has me thinking it's more modern than 19 century is the crimp in the loop, most 19 century loops were a solid loop and don't have a crimp because the loops were cast brass made in a mold, yours appears to have been made of bent "wire" stock, hence the crimp on the wire.

I have done some research trying to find another example as yours but no luck as of yet, I'll keep looking, if I find something I'll post the info and photos.

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