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Fun day out, with some yellow too!


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Hey all:
Welp went out today with the vacuum and the bike to suck up some dirt to play with at home and practice my lack of dirt riding skills.

Sucked up a couple of buckets, bumped into a couple of friends and then took off on the bike.

Im out riding along close to the truck, jumping things, going off waterfalls, climbing hills....making Graham Jarvis look like a rookie!

Bout a mile from the truck I go off a waterfall and at the bottom the throttle freewheels on me. Dang, something broke.

Wrestle the stupid bike out of the wash, push it uphill a little catch my breath and think.....im not pushing this thing back to the truck. I can walk back and try to pick it up with the truck.....then a bolt of lightning hit me......the only one today. Yank on the throttle cable. Yup that works. Ever try to ride over rough terrain yanking a throttle cable and trying to hold on to the handlebars? Its a RIOT!

I got it back though. The cheap plastic end of the throttle cable holder in the grip broke.

Well, got home, ran the buckets through the trommel and got some nice color :)
Always an adventure :)


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Good thing you didn't get hurt. Having a MacGyver brain when you're out in the desert by yourself doesn't hurt either!

Bringing home some gold always rounds out the day. Nice gold there!

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Them kind of trips and adventures are the kind you will always remember haha. Nice gold.

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Nice gold Tom!

I feel your pain with the bike. That takes special skills to hold the bars pull the cable and not dump the bike.

Carry bailing wire with you, that same thing happened to me miles back in the mountains , I broke the cable housing open and tied bailing wire to what was left of the cable and pulled on that. Seems like you barely pull the cable and the bike takes off!

After that I started lubing my cables...

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