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My adopted 'children' were born today!


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Sometime this last December, in the LSD area, I noticed a few of these Praying Mantis egg sacks as I went along.

I decided to borrow one and relocate it to my backyard. I don't believe in spraying poison all around my house, with the kids and the dogs roaming around. So these voracious little predators are certainly welcome to help keep the nuisance pest population in check.

I'd been keeping my eye on this egg sack and when I took a look today they were already hatching. I counted at least 20 and I'm sure there's another 20 I didn't see.

I really 'dig' stuff like this.




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Very cool, I love the first photo, the little bugger (pun intended) has it's head cock sideways as asking..."are you my mommy"!!!

I bet you got more than 20 to 40 from that egg sack, they usually deposit/lay around 100 eggs per sack.

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That's cool, I think mantis' are awesome too. I caught one once and kept it in a aquarium for a long time. It made a egg sac and then I let it go and kept the egg. They hatched soon after and it was swarming with tiny ones in the aquarium. I quickly found out they eat each other after hatching.

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Last summer I had a big ol fat female that would hang around the front door at night and eat about anything that got within rang. One day she got to low and my chicken ate her. How Sad.

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The Praying Mantis is definitely one of the coolest insects around. Like an alien life form... that will eat anything it can get ahold of.

Just noticed my typo on the second word of the topic title..... *adopted* I figure you all got the gist, or maybe hadn't noticed....

Hoping by the end of the summer I can still find one or two of these little dudes hanging around my yard!

Thanks to whoever fixed the typo....

Edited by LukeJ
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Amazing to see them peel off from the cluster. Best thing on the planet to protect the produce. Look for ladybug clusters on cold nights as they swarm to stay warm on the ground and you can scoop'm up by the bucketful and man alive they love aphids bigtime. John

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