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My bullet take for last several months

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WTG Bill. When me and partner get back from the lake beeping we have pounds of lead fishing sinkers.

I use a mold for divers weights. Pour in a little or fill it up. Don't remember but I think full is around 12 lbs.

I'm hoping to get enough gold to pour it full!

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Take it to a gun show and sell it Bill. A lot of folks still cast their on bullets. Or better yet if you have a friend that has a booth, maybe he can sell it at the gun show.

On this page, you can get a general idea what it goes for. $1.91 just for pure lead in 9 lb increments or alloyed lead for a little more.


Or put you a sign out front "Buffalo "Bill's" Real Cowboy Lead." :4chsmu1:

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YOu're a reglr greenie , you are, Mr Bill :4chsmu1: taking all of that lead out of the environment. GOt a few pounds worth. :thumbsupanim

Melted and stored for later use...


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Lots of times folks ask me what I do in retirement ... I tell them "I work for the EPA ... I clean up the desert one bullet at a time!" I usually get a laugh from them and then we talk about how I 'find' the bullets. That of course leads to MD'ing and well maybe a new addition to the hobby!

Mike F

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