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Crazy Hubla going on these days. It seems being a American is all but a Crime. Cal Supream Court backs up school Baning the Wear of American Flag Shirt on Cinco De Myeo.

Houseing Regulators Banning the US Flag in fear it may Offend some Groups.

Well This helped me realize there are still some Americans out there.!!!

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Homefire and Gary... my flag pole in my front yard cannot be missed... it is solar lighted and in the wind the flag waves

back and forth. There are Americans everywhere. (Gary aren't you up late? Having a bowl of Pablum?) :brows:

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I may be off the mark more then a few times but I did my miltary time for this Crazy Country. I have two sons that have gave more then 12 years each.I'm sick of People telling me I can't be Amerian with out offeding people. Piss on this Chit. I find it more then Erritating that they love our Free stuff, Love our Freedom Of Speach and then want to take all that away? If you don't like or Agree with a group of folks your a Hate Monger. If they get up set because you don't will not bake a Cake for them . you are a Racist Hate Monger. What ever happened to the 1st Amendment?.

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