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Anyone lode prospecting/selling claims???


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I'm thinking that prospecting for any kind of lode, gold or not, would be as profitable or more as placer hunting. I like the hiking and climbing involved. I live for that kind of stuff rather than picking and swing a detector (not that I don't live for that too).

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As the saying goes something on this note-Always remember when looking for a lode claim to buy, you will meet many liars with a hole in the ground...... Ifn' the property REALLY had good gold would they be selling it in the first place. Wily ol'farts use the line, too old anymore. BUT sample and test is the ONLY way and if you are not allowed to to do it for at least a few days RUN don't walk away as a fool and his money are soon parted in this insideous claims sales game-John

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I think you have to learn to find the gold before you should concern yourself with profits. Profitable may never happen.... Not trying to discourage, just being real.

Educate yourself as much as possible and maybe you'll get lucky too. The best claims, are not the ones for sale, I'd assume.

This is a great hobby/pastime and you can meet some real cool people along the way.

Good luck to you!

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Well, I'm doing the big research process right now. I'm pulling books from the library, amazon, and sources online. I've been going at this for a few months.

I also have caught wind about the claims for sale that are bogus. I'm not buying claims by any means. lol

I'm wondering about selling claims and not just gold claims.....any kind of deposit gold or not. Thanks

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