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Over the weekend past boulder dash and I were sitting down of an evening discussing what little gold we had found that day. His dog was also entertaining us while chasing lasers in circles. At about the the same time we both heard a distinct crackling sound, you know, kinda like the sound high voltage power lines make. As we both turned the general direction of the now, even louder noise, we hear a massive thud sound. We really didnt know what to do at first , understand that the thud sound seemed to be right behind the camp somewhere. We both grabbed a sidearm, a flashlight, and headed the general direction.

What we find is a fresh mound of dirt & gravel, and we knew instantly that it must be a meteorite. A little digging and there it was, a round baseball sized space rock....We were way stoked, I mean this is unbelievable , right? The cool thing is that I just happened to to taking a night lapse series with the camera, and it caught the decent of the meteorite in one frame!

The trail coming out of the horizon and then landing near out camp...Amazing ! !


Your thinking this it to good to be true, and so were we at the time, that is, until the following morning. The next day we hurried over to the impact site to check it out, and boulder dash noticed what looked like gold peeking out from the displaced gravels. Sure enough it was a nugget. This nugget was kicked out by the impact. You see, the impact site was smack dab in the middle of a little gold bearing gully....Turns out, the impact must have occurred in a stretch that the old timers missed. The impact had kicked out alot more than just one nugget . There were many nuggets, and after digging out that spot , we were rewarded with over 5 ounces of gold. All coming from a two foot pay streak....Unbelievable you say ? Thats what we are still thinking to this day....

Heres a shot of the finds from this remarkable event , talk about the right place at the right time !


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I think they call that a Hambone in bowling ! 4 strikes in a row

1. Meteorite on film

2. Find the meteorite that was on film

3. Meteorite lands on a paystreak

4. YOu find the paystreak!

Y'all must have helped an old lady across the street, recently, or fixed someone's flat, or put money in the kettle at Xmas.

Someone's definitely on your side.

That'll be one heck of an Ebay auction.

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You guys are something else! Lucky, doesn't even begin to describe it....

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You know it's BS after reading the first sentence:

"Over the weekend past boulder dash and I were sitting down of an evening discussing what little gold we had found that day"

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Darn... I'm sorry I have on my short boots tonight ... Now my toe jam is all soggy ... Good one, guys! ... :ya::pop::25r30wi: Cheers, Unc

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What, no Gem stones???? :4chsmu1:

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Hmmm...must have switched from Keystone to regular ol stoned! :)

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All kiding aside looking at them them up close I think they are the real deal. the nuggets are smooth slugs so it is hard to tell by the fuzzy photos.but trust me you cant put clear quartz into a cast nugget. I think the meteorite looks like an H-4 but based on fuzzy Photos. It looks like it has entry marks. Im sticking my neck out here based on Iffy photo's. AzNuggetBob

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Some where over the rainbow, Blue birds fly................................

And when you see that little fella at the end of the bow, look him straight in the eye and he'll grant you one wish. Maybe to take that terrible ache out of your head from last night's libations. Happy April 1st to you also me laddy.

Old Tom

P.S. When have you seen Adam take a fuzzy picture?

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Well guys, It could happen..... :4chsmu1: Happy April 1st anyway...

Oh I agree Adam. Your not going to believe this,The same thing happened to me!. ya see the meteorite in between the nuggets in the photo. the nuggets on the right landed in Nv. and the nuggets on the left landed in Az. and that meteorite was smack dab in the middle. AzNuggetBob


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