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Ancient larvae's handiwork

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I was working on some cabs, using some of the opal wood I'd found. After cutting them I noticed this bore hole from a beetle larvae or some kind of worm. It's pretty crazy I managed to split it right down the middle so I have two cabs with the bore hole now. I didn't know it was there until after cutting it, I lucked out and sliced it in the perfect spot somehow. Pretty neat some bug made this all those years ago. It would be awesome to find one with the larvae still in there.


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Thanks Haderly, I am hoping there will be some more larvae patterns in some of the other pieces I've got. I was thrilled when I saw this one. Wow....I had to re read that a few times to be sure I wasn't seeing things. Are you kidding me?! Some of the real deal precious opal?! Holy moley. I am completely fascinated by the regular wood opal that is just common stuff. I would be so stoked to get my hands on even a tiny piece of opal rough!

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That is way cool!
What fortune to split it at the exact spot.

You might want to go buy a lottery ticket :)
Tom H.

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