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Handy trick to tell if an alkaline battery is good

Uncle Ron

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I just learned this trick to tell a good alkaline battery from a bad one: Hold the battery upright about 1-2 inches off a solid surface ... Drop it negative side down ... A good battery will more or less just "thud", , but a bad one will bounce several times ... Has something to do with density of the stuff inside the battery ... I had a box full of batteries and was quickly able to sort out good from bad.... Cheers, Unc

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Haven't heard of that. I just use a cheap(( got (3) free Harbor Freight MUltimeters)). BElow 1.1 volts, it's not long for this world.


If you can verify with a multimeter, I think you 've got a winner.

The link is interesting.

Maybe not


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If you drop a re-charageable battery you run the chance of if not working any more.

I use a cheap radio shack battery tester. It opens up and you put the battery in between the two contacts and it tells the charge.

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