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A old friend in Mariposa actually got to see that gift from Mother Earth and said he was so befuddled he couldn't speak a cohesive sentence for quite a few minutes. Sensory overload I can understand as at a gold fair in Auburn I got to hold a football sized eteched gold mass that was soooooo heavy it cut into my flesh and I didn't even realize it or feel the pain. Just so much info to process with mindboggling species as these-John

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WH the rules here are hard to find out if their true or not. Here we don't have all the info available that you have there for research.

I've heard that private property doesn't mean much here. If it's something like this Emerald the powers to be declare it a national treasure and in most cases confiscate it.

I do know that it's illegal to ship minerals, gold being one even within the country and for sure out of the country.

My stepdaughter works in the post office in this states capitol and she says the Federal Police are there every day and they open every 10th package that is going out of the country. If they find something illegal they conficate it.

So from what I understand since the Emerald wasn't declared it was shipped out illegal and does belong to Brazil.

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I don't really care who owns it I just want to get up close and personal with that miracle for a few minutes. I'll need a drool cup though as I'll be salivating like a mad dog. One in a 1,000,000 lifetimes find-John

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What a convaluted story as mine mine mine when a miracle shows up. I just want to get up close and personal in a exhibit setting as videos of it are just too amazing to comprehend the size,color and clarity. I'll wait with baited breathe to see-thanks for update-John

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