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Another cool hunt.


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Got my boys out again today for a nice detecting trip. I took the extreme, my 13 year old had the gb2 and his coin master, and my 6 year old had his trusty bounty hunter jr. Ended up going 2 draws over from where we were 2 wks ago when we found the 1882 cap gun and Chinese coin. Well my oldest boy really cleaned up the good stuff today. He found 3 Chinese coins and a large cent peice. I found a small speci with the gb2 and enough square nails to build a 2 story house and a small square lid of some sort with Chinese lettering on it. My little guy found his first pick head and a bunch of nails. The large cent was smashed either on a railroad track or an ore cart track and on the one side you can see where another coin was layed under it when it was ran over. The other coin left it's marks on the large cent piece. Maybe I should post this in the relic section. Fun hunt though.




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Thanks everyone. Yes they would rather be hunting gold than sitting in the house. Usually the whole family goes but the little one was sick so the girls stayed home. David I think your right. We need the dang gold to jump out at us like the coins are. But they are fun also.

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David Wiseman, you are correct about it being a lid from an opium tin. Found a bunch on the net. And further inspection found that the coin that was laid under the large cent was a Indian head penny. It left the shield from the penny onto the large cent. Thanks Mike, it was a nice day in Nevada.

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Awsome job!

Really cool finds and its really great to see you taking your boys out.

That's rare these days. Good on you :)
Tom H.

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