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Using the Whites MXT All Pro

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I'm having trouble with my new Whites MXT All Pro and hope someone can offer some advice. I've got the pinpointing down to a science now and it works everytime. Simple. Now they advertise the MXT can detect a quarter at 12" with correct VDI numbers and target identication. I have not found this to be true. I can get it to sound off correctly on shallow coins up to about 3" deep, but deeper than that, everytime I swing the loop over the target I start getting different VDI numbers and different target identifications, especially if the sensitivity is turned up even to the preset position. The ground mineralization in my area is about 80 to 83. I buried a silver quarter 6" deep and everytime I swung the loop over it I got a different VDI number and a different target identification......same as at the local parks. I have the machine set to "coins & jewelry. How do I get past this and get this confounded machine to identify coins properly???? My old 6000 DI Pro does better than this!

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My old MXT was ok, not great, at identifying things...dig everything then sweep the hole again. The ID feature can really screw you. When I'm using one with any sort of ID feature, I only use it as a guide as to what I'm looking for when I'm digging...even old rusty cans & lids from jars can hide great finds.

On another note, the best detector I ever owned for being able to ID targets, was the old Whites Eagle II SL next best was the Minelab Explorer SE.

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I was able to pick up a quarter with my MXT E series at 10" inches....and I recall the VDI numbers were fairly accurate from surface to about 4 " inches depending on the size target. Anything deeper than 6" you should just dig it all. My favorite was the relic mode with the two tone i.d. for ferrous and non-ferrous. If I were running out of time on the hunt, I would just cherry pick non-ferrous items and not dig the iron trash. Overall I liked the MXT, and I would recommend a small coil like the 5.3 inch Bullseye or the Elliptical shooter coil for the trashy area.

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