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Hopefully this weekend...

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Man why is it that when the weather is the best ya have the most work to do :idunno: I need to get out with the new beeper and haven't had a chance since the outing :grr01: Gonna go to the pines this weekend me thinks.... Hope some of you are getting out for a fix as well. :4chsmu1:

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Know how you feel Bill ... between work and house repairs my time has been very limited on the new toy ... Had the GPZ7000 now since the 13th and only have about 3-4 hours on it ... mostly just playing with the setting. Work is winding down now ... Sooooo ... Going to try to get out sometime this weekend here in the Bradshaw's ... just don't know where yet.

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Good luck to you Bill, Mike and Pat.

Hope you snag some yellow.

Im going to be going out twice this weekend :)
Be safe.
Tom H.

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Well my life went from 2+days a week to NOTHING this past year.
But I can claim that I added about 20 plus pounds to myself from inactivity. :olddude:
So imagine how rusty I have become. BUT I am nearing the point of returning to that routine here shortly.
As you can see Mr. Southern I have my emergency opener in the correct position for the jobs at hand.
Wish me luck !!! :ya:


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