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meteorites or meteorwrongs (new post with pics)

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I found a bunch of highly magnetic rocks that turned out to have metals inside when cut open. They all seem to be fairly heavy and all found in roughly the same area (2km x 2km) The area hunted was an ancient sea bed millions of years ago. I know a guy who found a big one in the area, but it looked much different than the ones i found. Given this place is a dry arid desert, i figured it would be likely to find meteorites in good condition. Most of the ones i found are black in color, but some have a ting of red. As far as i know, they streak black...but the porcelein im using looks to have a coating of paint over it. They all contain metal flakes inside. From my understanding, if you can see metal flakes inside, its a good sign of a meteorite. My question is: Is it common to see metal flakes inside of normal rocks??


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