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Spring Nugget Season Gone!

Uncle Ron

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:cry2: Well, bummer ... Just got the results of xrays from hospital ... I took a bad fall 3 weeks ago and landed, out cold, on some mineral specimens I have on our brick hearth ...Smack on my back with a 10 lb. rock falling off a shelf and beaning me hard! ... Well, today, I finally got xray results ... Two broken ribs... #8 & 9 ... Clean breaks, slightly out of alignment and VERY painful ... Although I was coughing up blood a little last week, they say there's no puncture or other such complications ... But it sure hurts like a mofo!!!! ... So, I'm not going to be swinging jack out in the gold fields for 3 to 6 months ... I'm depressed ... This is the third gold season that injury or illness has kept me from hunting! ... Please all show your finds so I can share the vicarious adventure with you! Thanks ... Cheers, Unc

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Sorry to hear about that Ron:
But, on a good note...were almost done out here in the desert till Sept. Except for a couple of retard weekends :ROFL:

Gives you lots of time to Google and pick spots for when your healed up :)

Take care of yourself.

Tom H.

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OK, Mike ... Here's one ... NaD 84 ..... from Google earth: 12s 400059.49E, 37500213.45N

You'll be amazed at the size of the nuggets there! .... Cheers, Unc

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Man Ron, I had no idea that you were hurting so bad when I saw you at the outing. Strap yourself up with an Ace bandage it might feel a little better, it did for me when I fell through the ceiling. Rest, rest, rest.

Old Tom

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I can literally feel your pain Ron. Heading back in next month for yet another set of Spinal Facet injections as I will mine come hell or high water. I love it when Back Doc #2 tells ya that Back Doc #1 put the first set of horrific shots in the wrong darn place. :2mo5pow: Wish you all the luck in the world as I too have cracked a few and WOW :grr01: no fun'n the sun fer sure-John

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Hey Ron ... Tough assignment sitting out the rest of the Spring season ... going out a little later here in the Bradshaw's ... I'll post what I find if'n it's yellow. Take care of those ribs and as has been stated already mark out all those spots you are going to pound when you are all healed ... AND ... be sure you are healed before you start out again ... I didn't wait a few years ago and went deer hunting before I should ... cost me the rest of deer season as well as snowmobile season! And I love both of those even though I don't do the snowmobiling anymore ... not enough snow in PV.

Get well!

Mike F

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I feel for ya, Unc - I really do..!

This will be year four-in-a-row we won't be able to make it out your way..

'12 & '13 were mainly guzzeline $$s..

'14 my teef fell apart right b4 leaving n I hadda have oral surgery..

'N this year we just found out yesterday her Doc doesn't want the g/f straying too far afield quite yet..

Matter of fact the main reason I recently hopped back on this board was cos we were leaving for Wickenburg next Fri or Sat and I was looking to rustle up a couple of tips above and beyond our usual Weaver membership..

Now it appears I better make that a year from next Fri or Sat..

Durn, I was already settling into that rear corner room at the Best Western, and we've been drooling a month already for some of Gary's brick-oven-fired pizza up over the hill at the Thunderbird..

Now wottre we supposed to do..? Somehow a box of cons from Eureka Topeka's n delivery from Pizza Hurt just isn't quite the same thing, ya know..?

Don't get me wrong -- we have fun & do ok in the eastern gold belts.. But metal detectors never see the light of day up that-a-way.. 'N I'd post some gold for you to see, 'cept y'all would just laff at it n tell me to throw it back until it growed up a bunch.. It isn't exactly nugget-intensive in our neighborhoods..

Sooo, ya gotta look on the bright side of this: First off you'll be back in the patches long before we'll be able to next make it out there, and in the interim you can pad your hearth and put a built-to-scale Caution! Falling Rock fence around the mantle.. :4chsmu1:

Take care, ya heah..!


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Bummers Uncle, Thanks for the maps. Hope you be ready for the fall hunt. I did a three days Gold Basin trip last week . We got a .6 gram nugget and two little 5&6 gram meteorites. There are diggings everywhere .


Take care of your self and get well soon. Jeff

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Hey Cuz, just found out of your accident! Sooo sorry to hear of all your sore and broken places.

Those falls can happen so soon, and all of a sudden you are waking up wondering what happened...

If and when I get out with my detectors, I will send you pictures of the event...

Best wishes.

Cuz Gary

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Thank you, everyone, for all the good wishes and support ...Certainly has helped up lift my spirits as I sit here staring out at awesome weather and Rich Hill, LSD and the Vultures surrounding home ... I made the stupid mistake of picking up a large truck battery and carrying it 50 ft. ... I think that displaced the rib fractures somewhat ... Well, I'll probably be ready to rock and roll about the days the temp hits 110 degrees... :th: Cheers, Unc

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