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meteorites or meteorwrongs

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i searched the peruvian desert for 3 days and found many rocks with high magnetism. It seemed like every other rock that i cut open had some type of metals inside. some you could see with the naked eye and some only with a 10x magnifien glass. I found multiple different types, most completely black with what looked like fusion crust.

I have 2 that contain trace amounts of what looks like gold. Ive attatched a picture of the one bearing gold. You can clearly see one big flake, but the other smalled specks of metal can only be seen with the eye. Most of the other specimens look similar on the outside but only have silver metals on the inside.

I can add more pictures if needed. The main question is: Because there are metals inside, is it possible it can be a normal rock? I cut similar looking rocks with high magnetism but saw no metals inside




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