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Hello from Sc / Fl

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Well I have been following detecting for years, never did it.

Finally broke down and bought one. CTX3030. Absolutely love it.

Been going to the beach with friends here in Daytona and call it beginners luck but on the. First day I found some change and a ring. Most everything was between 9 - 14 inches. Well since my friends had picked it pretty goo over the last few weeks.

I found a sterling silver toe ring on the 3rd day. A matchbox car and lots of coin. No coins collectable as of yet. Nothing hot yet but the rings got me hooked.

I hope to get the new 7000 and come out west around Dec this year and shoot some gold.

Here is the first days finds. http://imgur.com/a83wOv7

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Nice finds river styx! Just a word of advice, you might want to consider nugget hunting with your ctx or buy a lower end machine to get started. Unless you have prior gold nugget hunting experience the 7000 is a big chunk of change, and most people that try nugget hunting don't stick with it. It takes a long time to get proficient at it and even the best detector wont put gold under the coil. Good luck to you out there!


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I wish you the best of luck up there, River..

I live about 60 mi south of you which puts Cape Canaveral / Cocoa Beach as my closest shoreline, and I have to tell you the Brevard County beaches are absolutely the worst beaches I've ever detected in my life..!

First off we don't have nearly the beach-going tourist population as you have up in Volusia, and secondly every inch of Brevard's coastline south of Port Canaveral to Sebastian Inlet except for about a 2 mile stretch N & S of Bonsteel Park (just north of the inlet) has been replenished / renourished.. The only time I even bother detecting the beach here anymore is down at Bonsteel after a near-shore storm in hope some gold coinage from the nearby sunken treasure ships got churned onshore or sprung out of the dunes..

The places to detect for coinage around here are the grass-and-dirt parking areas at current and past flea market and swap meet locations.. I couldn't find gold if I wanted, cos I discriminate out everything including & below pennies.. That includes nickle too, but it also removes about 98% of the trash hits.. That trade-off leaves me with dimes, quarters, halves and silver -- and sanity, lol..

Best of luck to ya..!


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When speaking Melbourne, once beachside this pretty much includes Satellite Beach, Indian Harbour Beach, Indialantic and Melbourne Beach.. I'm not sure about the first three, but in Melbourne Beach the areas deemed 'park' are not to be accessed between 10PM - 5AM.. Since there's no driving on the beach here, beachside parking is next-to-impossible at any price.. The only exception is the very southern portion of Melbourne Beach Park, which is both free and well distant from the motels etc.. At least in Port Orange y'all have free beachside parking intermingled with the southern-most tourist-y beach locations..

One would think any place hotels, motels and condos back up to shoreline the odds of finding something jewelry-wise at least should be fairly across-the-board even regardless, especially once replenished sand has been in place for a couple of seasons.. That just does not seem to apply here.. My best guess as to why not comes down to the vast majority of beachgoers are local even when that means seasonal so are much more likely to remove jewelry before hitting the beach.. Up your way you have the spring breakers, the let's fly to Daytona Beach for the weekend-ers and etc. hitting the beach while wearing their club bling.. Sweet..!

Coinage is a different story.. The new sand pretty much limits finds to the occasional spill and other recently dropped coins.. Greenies are almost unheard of here these days.. All those decades worth of older coinage is now buried under a minimum of 5 feet worth of pumped on and trucked in sand.. Bummer, that..

I think it's a good idea y'all hit your outdoor flea market & swap meet locales.. You have no idea how much I'd love to be able to detect the speedway parking areas, assuming the're still unpaved.. But somehow I don't see Mrs. F granting me permission.. Actually, I don't see her granting her sister's kid permission.. I vended the Turkey Rod Run for a dozen years helping a buddy of mine and I know as Gospel she didn't want the show there.. She doesn't want anything there other than NASCAR truth be known, but the family is locked into the 30-day "other usage" contract clause in order to get their two gazillion $$s a year tax exception from the city.. Poor dears..

FULL DISCLOSURE: I use a different detector at the beach.. It's a diving (all-metals) PI.. Removed & made the battery-pak wearable for wand lightness & balance..

Also, when coin-shooting in locations known for older coinage (which hasn't been anywhere in FL so far) I do bring the lower discrimination settings back into the picture.. I can then pick up most gold jewelry on functional coin settings, but the higher the purity the harder that becomes.. Anything above 75% pure (18k) I'm going to miss..


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Good to see your still posting SA.

During my rain bird stay here on the other coast I had some good luck in Venice. Probably because it is old enough to have silver about. Sure is trashy. Really want to run D but figure there may be some rings and stuff from the Ringling crowds.

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Hey Mac,

Long time no chat..! Totally my fault, cos I haven't been on Bill's forums for quite a while.. Hopped back on last week since it looked like Rich Hill area was really gonna happen this spring, but the g/f's Doc started her on a new med just a couple three days ago and he strongly advised against any long distance roaming until he sees how well it's tolerated.. Bummer.. We were set to head west next weekend.. Ah well -- into each life a little rain must fall..

Except in your & Don's case, where it rains by the tanker truck full.. No wasted envy on that one, that's for sure..!

You still in FL or back in Brasil..? Kinda hard to tell from your note cos of the mixed past & present tense verbage..

Give a shout back and we'll go from there..



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SA that is all very good information. I think this next weekend I'll hit the flea market that was all grass for the bike week. Opposite I95 of the track. I'll see what I can see if the track too.

Thank you very much

Report..! Report..! :black_knight_standing:

Here's hoping you did really well,

especially if you were able to access the speedway parking areas..!


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