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Meteorite Fragment??

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I found this small rock while on a hike searching for meteorites. I was not in a known strewn field, it just caught my eye. I have listed the characteristics of the rock below (as I see them) and attached some pictures as best I could get them with my cell phone through a 10X loop.

Location: Benrook, Texas (Benbrook lake area)

Size: See picture up next to coin

Color: Semi-gloss to Matte black

Magnet: Adheres to even the weakest refrigerator magnet I could find. Adheres strongly to my neodymium magnets.

Surface: Appears to have what looks like a fusion crust. One side appears to have what looks like a broken face with fusion crust covered chondrules. You can also see what looks to be shinny metallic specks in some places on the outer surface.

Window: See picture. Seems to have shinny metallic streaks and some apparent metallic flakes.

The biggest issue I am having with it is that it streaks reddish color. There is a lot of hematite in this area but this rock does not look like any of the other hundreds of hematite pieces I have found. I was thinking maybe magnetite but the rock does not have any magnetic properties of it's own.

Any ideas?








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The bubbly appearance together with the red streak suggests hematite... Keep on looking

...Cheers, Unc

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Uncle Ron,

Yes, I wanted to discard it after it streaked red but I convinced myself to get further opinions. The photos do make it look more "bubbly" than it really is because of the shadowing from the light. The other thing is that it is only the one surface that has the round projections which led me to think of fragmentation.

Thanks for your help and I will keep searching.

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Uncle Ron is right,

The bubbly appearance indicates it is unlikely to be a meteorite. However, I would still get it checked by an expert in person to be sure.


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