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New Science...Could open new worlds of mineral research for all

Uncle Ron

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Colormetric computer enhanced side scan sonar as proven in the 16 to One mine . Technology has been available for about 20 years or so. Many new forms out there for those with DEEP pockets. Me I want a screen that shows the object I'm looking at and composition. :4chsmu1: With todays insane prices they already should-John

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Portable XRF is great, and its proven technology but you'll need a spare $30,000 to buy one. Like me, most prospectors don't have an extra $30,000 lying around that they don't know what to do with. If portable XRF technology were $1000 I would own one, but Instead they are darned expensive.

The devil for this SCIO thing of course is in the details and nothing in the YouTube video really tells you a lot about the details you need to know. How accurate is it? Can it tell me if something is 1/10 of 1% of gold or copper or silver? The video says they have applications right now for food and plants but they do show that they intend to eventually have minerals and rocks also. Certainly it's a very interesting technology and I look forward to seeing more about it and technology that is similar. If it really can be mass-produced and sold for $500 bucks or less there is no doubt I will own one.

I went to their website - consumerphysics.com - and there is not much info. Even clicking on a page to buy one gives you a link that never loads. Doesnt seem like their business is ready for real customers just yet. I asked for some info through their press link, and if anything interesting happens, I will do an article on it for the ICMJ.

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