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LSD outing video... see anybody you know?

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Another great outing for the record books. A special thanks to both Toms for doing the heavy lifting and getting all the cats herded into one place. It was great meeting everybody, and I look forward to next years event.

Here's some video I shot of the super food spread that all the great people who attended contributed too. I'm pretty sure everbody definitely walked away with a full belly! Make sure to watch it in HD for the full effect...


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Nice Vid Gary :)
Thanks for taking the time to get it and edit it for us.

Ill keep watching it through the summer dreaming about cooler weather.
Tom H.

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Nice Vid Gary :)

Thanks for taking the time to get it and edit it for us.

No problem. Thanks for getting everybody together. I know you and your dad were interested in a bullet cam like what I use or similar.

Here's what I use. At the time, it was the best quality camera for the money when I bought it.


Here's another bullet cam that many of my dirt biker buddies use. They also take great videos and are pretty much bullet proof to an extent. The price really came down on these since the company has newer models. For what we do, these cameras work great. If you trash it, then you're only out a $100 or so. My sunglasses cost that much. :arrowheadsmiley:


Here's the chest harness I use for "hands free" shooting...


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