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New AZ National Monument!

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Hold onto your hats.

"In a move that caught most Arizona sportsmen off guard, three Arizona Congressional representatives have written to President Obama asking that he create yet another national monument in Arizona.

Reps. Raul Grijalva, D-District 3, Rep. Rueben Gallego, D-District 7 and Ann Kirkpatrick, D-District 1, were asked by four environmental groups to contact President Obama and have him designate 1.7 million acres of public land north of the Grand Canyon, known as the Kaibab (Unit 12A) and Arizona Strip (Unit 13A), and part of Unit 9 as the Grand Canyon Watershed National Monument.

The groups are the Sierra Club, Center For Biological Diversity, Grand Canyon Wildlands Council and Environment Arizona.

Sportsmen know that these areas are home to some of the nation's top mule deer and elk hunting areas."



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The anti gunners will try anything to disarm us ... taking away all hunting areas will eliminate the need for firearms in which to hunt! Just my humble opinion of course!

Mike F

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Looks like some more local Democraps will have their campaign funds or their retirement fund bolstered by the environauziating groups listed in the article. Wonder how much their oath of office and pledge to work for the People of the State of Arizona is worth this time?

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My guess is obama would love to stick it to AZ conservatives so he will go for this. Maybe even have a Mount Rushmore type statue of himself carved somewhere.

Here is a comment posted at the article's site...

"I read that hunting would resume as it is today and that the USFS and BLM would still maintain this land, they are really just worried about the mining and logging of the area."

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Ya! And if you believe that is all they will do even with wording such as that you just don't understand the BHO administration ... full of smoke, mirrors and lies! Whatever it takes to take away the rights of the people and make all sheeple! Believe him and administration NOT my friend ... he is scary ... be very afraid of what he is capable of!

Just saying ... Mike F

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I find it curious that for claiming his administration is the "most transparent" administration, he sure manages to sweep a lot of his "transparency" under the rug and make a lot of controversial issues disappear from the publics awareness......especially when he wants to ram some other "good for the people" action down our throats......I got problems with that!

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