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Pretty neat hunt.

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Today we made it out to enjoy the 60 degree weather and swing the detectors a bit. Took my wife and 4 kids so it wasn't a serious trip. About 15 minutes in, my buddy yelled out saying he found a gun. Of course we all dropped our machines and headed over to him. It ended up being a cast iron Star cap gun made in 1882 by Stevens. Has an octagon barrel and is complete minus a piece of the hammer being broke off. Very cool find. Then he ended banging a sweet Chinese coin about 30 feet away. Them were the only good finds of the day, no nuggets. Just thought I would share. I'll try to load pictures.


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Hey Dan always good when you can get out with the whole family. and when your finding that kind of stuff, Id hit that place again. no telling what may turn up. Bob

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That's our second Chinese coin from that spot. We haven't really hit it hard before but we plan on it. It was only our second time to that particular spot also. Usually we hunt the next draw over. You know where it is Bob. There is so much trash in the tailings and rock piles that we are going to take the coin machines in there first to get out all the metal stuff and relics then we will dig out the gold machines. That's my oldest boy rockin the Goldbug.post-22038-0-01555400-1425934926_thumb.jpost-22038-0-97888800-1425935032_thumb.j


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Yes it was a blast. The whole family loves to go so that's good. My little guy is 5 and he has one of them youth bounty hunters. He's gonna bang something nice with it, he's determined haha.

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