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Great day out with CowKiller


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Hey all:
Welp, got together with Cowkiller to head up to Wades sunbaker patch today.

Got to the first wash and I started placering and GB2ing. After a couple of hours of digging....nutten.

Bout this time killer gets back from a wash that he was hitting and found a nice nug just under half a gram :)
I went over to another wash with the GB2 and minelab. Got a really small nug on the bedrock and dug that area out. Found two more GB2ers in a small stretch.

No Minelab gold though. Think I got it all last time.

Got about a hour left to detect and killer hits some more washes. Im thinking im going to do some hillside hunting and the banks of the first wash. Well, lo and behold up about 4 feet out of the wash in the dirt I get a Minelab signal. Yup, out came a .4 gram nug.
Mines on the right, killers is on the left.

Great day out and the good Lord blessed us both with some gold :)
Tom H.


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Nice nuggets! When are you guys going to start shooting videos of your bike riding forays? You guys need to start representing! :4chsmu1:

Well, I would get a gopro and shoot vids of us riding but it would simply be a lot easier for me to just put my camera in vid mode

and keep shoving it in the dirt! :ROFL:

That's about all your going to see the way I ride :grr01:

Tom H.

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Tom you just bout summed it up.... Other than the fact that I kinda got lost... But you probably left that part out on purpose. thanks for that Lol. Anyways it was a good day of detecting. Next time we have to bring the bike.

Its called turned around......

If you were lost I would still be out there looking for you :)

Bikes are on for the next time!!!! I need some more terra firma in my diet :4chsmu1:


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Nice goin guys!!! Thats pretty cool finding gold with two different detectors in one day.


As light as the GB2 is, Im going to make a strap for it and put it on my back.

Really worked out great today leapfrogging with the ML and the GB2

Double barrel detecting!!! :)

Tom H.

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