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I bet a old Navy Seal could handle this one-handed!

Didn't see any of these guys jumping up to shoot it a second time.

Put aside your girly-man .458 Win Mag. or your wimpy .50 cal and watch guys shoot a real gun, the largest center-fire rifle ever made, the .950 JDJ by SSK Industries.

Only three were ever made. This was the lightest, the carbine version, weighing in at 50 lbs. It shoots a .95 caliber, 2,400-grain bullet at 2,100 fps using 240

grains of powder, which generates 25,400 ft/lbs of muzzle energy and 277 ft/lbs of recoil energy.

That's about the same as shooting 10 30-06s at the same time! Each round costs $40.

She Kicks Like a Mule!

Would be interesting to see the resulting bruises!

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I have a 375 JDJ barrel made by those guys for my Thompson Contender. Its a 15 inch barrel that is magna ported and 3 rings to hold the scope on. You take a 444 marlin case and necked it down to 375 that I shoot 300 grain rounds out of. Kills on both ends and no one wants to shoot it after I do.

This is not me but this is how mine kicks. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1PDVEJVX3as

This is mine. post-1061-0-69650500-1425702067_thumb.jp

375 on the left 3006 on the right post-1061-0-15652400-1425702500_thumb.jp

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