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Back in the summer of 2007 I met Jim French (Sabra Jim) at Rye Patch for the first time and in talking with him I learned that he used to fish in a bounty program on the Snake and Columbia Rivers in WA & OR. The bounty is on "northern pikeminnows (formerly known as "squawfish") because they eat millions of salmon smolts.

I love to fish and needed a break from prospecting so I took a ride up there to check it out. I liked the program and this will be the 9th year I have gone back to fish.

Bounty fishermen are as secretive as nugget shooters when it comes to divulging where they catch their fish but I can tell you that the top fisherman made almost 74K last year.

If anyone is interested, check out www.pikeminnow.org.

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Very interesting ... you sure have to catch a lot of fish and they don't let anyone help you. I was thinking they used nets or something.

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The insipid Fed Park Service introduced Squawgarbage fish into Whiskeytown here in Redding and decimated the indigeneous fish in short order,then they added 3 more kinds to kill them,which killed others also. Around and around they go sic sic sic ...like playn' GOD with no edumakation-John :2mo5pow:

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