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Congrats to Bill on his article


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OK ... Showing my ignorance again ... seems to be happening a lot lately ... perhaps age is allowing prior knowledge to slip away! SOOO ... what is WMA?

Mike F

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Sorry, lazy me should have written it out, Western Minning Alliance. You give them your e-mail and they send you via e-mail and they will send you the newsletter every month. Hoser John and others have had some great articles in recent months. This board is turning up some very talented writers with great stories to be told....


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For those on this forum unfamiliar with the Western Mining Alliance (WMA) let me just say that their monthly publication for me always has been a first-class treat. If you enjoy extremely well thought out, extremely well written reads, you should love this little gem. As with catching gold fever, it started out pretty much with a single focus. With maturity it has begun to address a larger audience and to incorporate a more diversified, more artistic message. Enjoy!

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