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Snow fall being so limited this year, I may not have the volume

of water to run my dredge system this coming season. :th:

Soooo, I'm going to switch over to Hoser's system of a siphon dredge setup.

I'll be using a 3" siphon with a drop of aprox. 20 ft.

Gonna go out to the claim in the next couple of weeks just to check out the water situation. :fl:

Never give up! :old:

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Hoser and I have had a few conversations, here, and the science behind the process is beyond a doubt, a perfect solution.

There is a catch though,....

Ya gotta have enough "drop" in your setup to get the syphon to work efficiently.

I believe Hoser suggested to have at least 15 ft. of drop. I have up to 25 ft. of drop if I need it.

Can you say "Stealth Dredge"? Need is truly the Mother of Invention!

Mike F

Or,... is "laziness" the "Mother of Invention"?

think about it.... :brows:


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So...how much suction does that produce? Equivalent to gas motor and pump? HJ have you tried piping your water to the powerjet? Now that I think about it...IDK, that would require a loooong drop to achieve dredge pump level pressures. Maybe the siphon idea with the suction hose is better.

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I used a siphon dredge for many years... I had about a 20 foot drop through a 2" pipe in to a fire hose in to a jet nozzle venturi ... Then into my Gold King 2.5" sluice box...That produced roughly 10 psi feed pressure and it sucked every bit as good as what was produced by my 3 HP pump ... I did it for the quiet, first of all, and also so I didn't have to pack gas down to my dredge site, which was quite a climb ...When I wanted to move I either pulled the siphon system up stream or added more PVC pipe to go down stream ... I kept the set up in place for years until a huge flood (January, 1997) wiped the whole thing out... Found as much or more gold with the siphon dredge as with gas powered ... And I loved working in the quiet of the Klamath-Trinity Mountains forest ... The only sound was that of gravel--and gold-- traveling through the suction hose! ... Try it, you'll like it! Cheers, Unc

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Packing in 200' of PVC pipe was kind of a pain but I got it done and up running in about 2 days. And the Ninja mining is true, although I had my claim for 23 years and only had one problem with a trespasser who slipped in and stole my coffin hoist...The claim was very remote ... Cheers, Unc

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Until this year, I have been using 300' of 3", coupled to 200' of 2 1/2", coupled to 100' of 2".

That's 600 ft with a drop of aprox. 115' and developing aprox. 57 psi.

Only need 30 psi to run a 3" nozzle but volumue is the key.

At the end of last year I was running my supply dam dry after only about 10 min.

It took over 20 min. to recover. :th:

Using JH's siphon the set up should be a lot more forgiving. :fl:

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:89: After looking over the situation and the possibilities, I'm going to try using both systems to

run one sluice box. The upper supply to the nozzle and the lower end dropping to the sluice

box some 20 ft below where I'm working.

I don't see why the theory won't work. I'll set it all up for a test run soon. Ought to increase

efficiency by quite a bit. :brows:

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O.K., over Memorial Day weekend I got in and really worked the system.

I works GREAT! :D

I use the 1 1/2" supply line from up stream to "hydrolic" the packed material around the larger rocks.

Then, hook it back up to the nozzle and go for it.

By "hydrolicing" the material first I can move almost twice the material that I would normally move

by using just the nozzle alone.

By hydrolicing and combining the two systems I've increased efficiency and I'm havin' a freekin' ball. :brows::wee:

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Rain Rain Rain don't stop we lotsa rain so we can go out and play

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