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Shadow Patch & Cotton Tail

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This morning Shadow Patch alerted there was a coyote near and sure enough a big one went running through our yard... Patch started whining and wanted to go out back of the house .... He started digging in the brush ... Down in a big bush was a rabbit that appears pretty beat up ... Looks like the coyote got to it ... http://youtu.be/cqUsc3yku5o Cheers, Unc

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Maybe the coyote will come back and take the bunny off your hands...

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Had that happen a couple of weeks ago out detecting.

Dropped into a wash and I saw something running into the bushes upwash. Thought it was a big rabbit or something..

Well, after a bit of detecting downwash, I come upon a fresh rabbit kill, nothing left but the head and hide.

Figured it was a coyote. Bobcat or Mountain lion would have ate the whole thing.

Tom H.

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