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Great forum and info..........

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New to meteorite hunting, but I'm already hooked! Unfortunately I live in the East (West Virginia)

I am an avid shark tooth hunter, so looking down and walking for miles is right up my alley.

I have read a lot of great advice on metal detectors, equipment to have, places to look, etc. and

even advice on personal protection. I plan on heading West in early April. Would love to meet up

with some experienced hunters and hopefully tag along : ) Looking forward to hearing from everybody.

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Welcome to the west and the deserts. April is still good hunting weather before it gets too hot.

I know the most about Arizona but others here hunt meteorites in other states.

What are your plans? Will you have a car? Fly?


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Hi Mitchel,

Thank you! I plan on driving out. I have a Jeep Wrangler which is pretty versatile.

I'm "pregaming" now trying to get some ideas where to go. Only plans I have right

now are to head West...........


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Post up details when you know exactly when you're coming and what part of "the West" you plan on being in. If it works out I'll see if I can't spend a day in the field with ya somewhere.

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I really appreciate it. I will be leaving West Virginia Fri. April 3. Prob be "West" sometime Sunday/Monday 4/5 or 4/6. Plan on spending that whole week April 5 - April 11 hunting.

I see where you are located and relatively close to Franconia and Gold Basin. Are either one of those a possibility or somewhere else?


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