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I got down to the show today just in time to listen to Bill's talk about the desert prospecting. He did a great job ... lots of pearls given out to the peeps in that speech ... if only one would listen and retain just a couple of the gems he passed out prospectors would increase production by at least 50%!

Saturday's speech was at 10:45 AM as I remember. He was first up, then Kevin Hoagland and finally Chris Ralph. All 3 had great information!

Mike F

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Wanted to see the first lectures but by the time they got done running me in circles on account on some friggen marathon, I missed em. Great event planning. :grr01: There I feel better now!!

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Between the city of Mesa, and the Mesa Convention Centers, leaser.... they really stuck the GPAA with a raw deals this years! The GPAA got blind sided by this as much as the attending prospectors. I find it very hard to believe the left hand didn't know what the right hand was doing.... Mesa government event planners knew this at booking date... it their complete disregard toward their customer success that is so sickening! I hope the GPAA organizer take notice of this fiasco this year and explore other local community to host their coming shows in the future. I wasn't a great fan of the shows at the fairgrounds, but they are other venues available in the valley!

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As I remember years ago the Mesa area GPAA shows were large and well attended and

the dealers had a happy face as Saturday sales were great. Sunday was "so-so." Times

change, Glad for Bill, Kevin and Chris... Also hope Rob did good... jim

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