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Beeping in Granada

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I couldn't find much info on your inquiry, I did see where one guy has detected there but that was from back in 2008, he did say he always asks for permission before detecting, I also read of another that said that in Spain a permit was needed, but this is all hearsay, I would suggest contacting the local authorities to get first hand info, nothing worst than going on hearsay!

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GJ contact by phone their nearest Consulate in the USA. Ask them to send you in writing the rules and take them with you.

If that fails then call the police in that city and get the name and phone number of the official that you talk to.

In some countries the Immigration police and the local police have different points of view on metal detectors. In some countries the customs police confiscate detectors on entry.

If you have something in writing approving a detector then you are ahead of the local police.

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