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Skip I think your right about them stalking from behind. About a year ago I drove the 75 miles to a very large ranch that I have hunted for years. On this morning I got to the area where another prospector has been working with a tractor doing pushes. I saw him the day before and he said he was finish with that area and I should check it out.

After a long drive over really bad dirt roads I started beeping in the area about 20 acres big. The dirt was really soft and fresh and clean of any weeds or brush. It took me about two hours of slow beeping to make a big circle so I ended up back at the truck about 1000 for a rest and coffee break.

While putting my beeper and gear on the truck hood I walked in front and was looking at some interesting dirt of a different color when I noticed mixed in with my boot track was a BIG cat track. It's weight caused it's track to sink about an inch in the soft dirt. I clearly saw it's pads and the toes imprint. About the size of a horses hoof print. Then I started walking and looking at my boot tracks and saw that the cat had been following me from behind.

Never saw the cat that day but now I look behind me pretty often.

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Cat stories make the hair on the back of my neck stand on end. Only 1 close call and THAT was enough to last a lifetime. I don't understand why lions elicit that big of a reaction in me? Big ol'nasty humongeous bears ,no big deal as open and notarious and usually let ya know when they're around. Cats let ya know when your on the ground unless just standing ground and that wail/scream/ call it what ya want but sure makes the blood run cold as ice....John

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