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Chris Coffee

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Gentlemen, I'm only asking because I am looking to get an elliptical coil. I have been using the stock coils but I'm kind of tired of digging 3' wide holes just to pinpoint a target with the 11" round coils. I was contemplating a pinpointer but would want something that I can use without having to turn my 5000 off every time I use it.

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From the sound of what you describe,.....it sounds to me that you need some hands on time. And a lil shared time with somebody

like ME.

You see you should be able to pinpoint with the coil you are using especially when we are talking an 11.

The ellipticals WILL make it easier for you to pinpoint than a round.

I have gotten so used to 16" an 20" rounds as the sole coils for the last couple years that pinpointing has become 2nd nature.

Even for the tiniest pieces of trash or gold. Of course there were times when a smaller coil would have helped immensely to speed the process with large deep holes/targets. And distinguishing if they were off to one side or the other. But that's the nature of the beast of a large coil/most the time large hole.

But bottom line is time spent hands on with all types of situations encountered makes pinpointing without any additional coils/tools a quick efficient operation.

You may end up once you find the right size ellipticle that it is your "MAIN" coil. Simply because of the ease of use, just experiment with the different sizes to find which suits you.

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The first Razorback coils from a few years ago were poorly made. They have been under new ownership for a few years now and the quality is excellent. They have been re-designed from the ground up and are fast becoming the preferred coils by many in Oz for use not only with the TDI but also with Minelabs.

The ones that are labeled Miner John Designs are the ones to get if you are in the market. These are the newer designs. There is a whole slew of sizes and configurations, with the smaller ones, 9x5 approximately, the preferred size for general hunting in tight places. Check them on his web site. http://razorbackcoils.webs.com/apps/webstore/

Digger Bob

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