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Maybe a meteorite??

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I have a very heavy blackish rock with flow lines

from what I would call the leading face, towards the

rear on about 1/2 of it, then the other half does not have

the smooth glossy black crust, but it is more coarse and rough

in texture, and the rear portion is a bit rusty.post-23-0-30060100-1424653744_thumb.jpgpost-23-0-78818200-1424653969_thumb.jpgpost-23-0-35804700-1424654339_thumb.jpgpost-23-0-25421200-1424654548_thumb.jpgpost-23-0-35804700-1424654339_thumb.jpg

It's weight is about 8.5 pounds, on my bathroom scale.

When I hand it to someone they say, wow, that is heavy

for it's size. Yes it is, for sure.

It is 5-1/2" inches on the long side, 4-1/2" high, and

about 4-3/4" inches in width.

I took some photos of it a would like some feedback,

on what you might think about the rock.

It is NOT magnetic, does not have any metal within it,

or my metal detectors or magnet would tell me so.

I have had several opinions on what it might be, from

a very big garnet, or a meteorite.

I already have a 1300 gram meteorite, it is Majuba 3, if you want

to learn about it, plus some Gold Basin meteorites I found

years ago. All this being said, I am not really into meteorites, as

I am into gold detecting, I just happened to find them when

hunting gold nuggets...

Oh yes, it was found over 60 years ago, in eastern Oregon by

a miner on his gold claim, who used it as a door stop, until more recently.

If I have duplicated photos here, there will be NO extra charge.


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Yo, Cuz...What kind of streak does it put out? My guess is it is either a Las Vegas meteorite or a Yahtzee meteorite? Cheers, Cuzin Unc

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Cuz Ron is right,

It's a Las Vegas-ite or Yahtzee-ite.

There is better luck rolling 7s at Vegas than that rock underneath being a meteorite. It has no metal and stoneys do not melt like that. It has no characteristics of a meteorite.

Keep looking down. They're out there.


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I bought a new smart phone today, but I have to wait a day or so, until it is mailed to me from Verizon, as well as a new tablet, so maybe then I can take some photos with better resolution and clarity than what I provided here with my old school Sony Mavica...

Here is a couple more with a magnifying lens on the Mavica, hoping for the best...

In the photos, where the shininess stops is the end of what I consider to be flow lines.

There is what I would say is a leading face, which is melted crust, and is of course

black and shiny, and much resembles in shape as the flatness as the end of a hog's snout.

On the first photo, at the bottom left, is what looks like a flow, going from left to right, then

culminating in what looks like an accumulation of melted matter, a bubble in shape, caused

by cooling of the flowed molten rock. Just my take, however.

There is a definite large shiny crust area which would be the leading face, and another area which would be the trailing portion of the rock, being dull in appearance, and rough in texture, with no melting at all.

You guys are hurtin' me real bad saying such negative stuff!

I will put another shiny rock on here, 1300 grams of what ever.. just so's not to waste y'all's time. .post-23-0-16471800-1424732446_thumb.jpgpost-23-0-24617900-1424732472_thumb.jpgpost-23-0-76805400-1424732492_thumb.jpg

Hope this helps!


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Thanks Mike!


I tried didn't I?


You take great pics and I appreciate your good descriptions. I'm sorry to report though that this rock is not a meteorite.. All of us have gone though that heartache more than we can remember.

The red crystalline structure and uncharacteristic pits further clinch is is not a meteorite. It's still is a cool rock. I would keep the rock as a meteor-wrong knowing it is not a meteorite. It is the kind that I use when I give talks on meteor-wrongs.

You've got the right approach. With tenacity you will get your first meteorite.


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I'd like to second what billpeters wrote. I was at work for my previous postings and so they are a bit terse. Thank you for the pictures and descriptions, keep looking, they're out there...

Google image search has some good picts of flowlines on meteorites, but of course there's no substitute for seeing the real thing in person. If you have a museum display near by (nothing comes to mind in Idaho off the top of my head) go visit and study them in person!

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Hi Largo,

The close-up photos show no flow lines. A melty, or liquid-coated surface, but not flow lines. The bubbles

rule out meteorites, too. It sure looks like a classic piece of hematite to me. It will streak red, or reddish,rusty

brown. Keep hunting - they are out there.


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Largo dont throw them away. The first one I dont like, the second I one Id test it. Ive seen many confirmed meteorites with no flow lines at all!
flow lines are not the best way to confirm a meteorite. oriented meteorites have obvious flow lines. tumbling metorites, not always.
there are other ways to test them.
I dont want to write a book here. but I suggest you get a good book on meteorites and test them yourself.

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I like your way of thinking.

Maybe some better photos would help!

I just need to figure out how to send them off my new tablet, which takes very GOOD pictures.


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Nope, have not done that streak thing yet. Yesterday I had to go to buy new smart phones, new glasses, and sell a motorcycle...

I just looked for a some tile for a streak test, all I had was a piece with adhesive on it...

I'll get it done. I do have some Gold Basin pieces from the early 90's... as well as some small ones from North Nevada that have metal showing in the faces I ground on them as well.

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