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Anybody with grazing rights are allowed to put those in for their cattle with the blessings of the FS and BLM. I've ran across several of them when out and about. The ones I've seen, usually there's a natural spring nearby with piping down to the tanks.

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Looks like a water catchment that they put in for wildlife. A big concrete apron to collect the water, a underground cistern to hold the water that then is gravity fed to a trough.

Close, but notice the shadow- it's an above ground tank.

Dark lines are power poles? Scratch that- saguaro cactus( notice the arms on the one center-right.)

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I would bet the dark lines are cactus. Their location appears to be random. I think this type of cistern is a bit above ground but not fully with a roof top. I have seen several different types but I am almost positive there is no power poles.

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ohhhhhh now i see. this picture was taken using satelite? I thought the metal was pitted...lol..now i see the cactus.

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