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Minelab coil options

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Hi: I am new to detecting and bought a lightly used GP 3500 that came with only the 11" Commander DD coil. I have since purchased the 18X12 Coiltec Goldstalker mono coil and a 16" Nugget Finder round mono coil and I was wondering what other coils should I get. Thanks for any info you good beepers can give me. Les

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You actually have the equal of two coils with the dd...in mono mode it is a very sensitive psuedo-mono coil...

on the back panel deep and sensitive, threshold about 1:00, on the front turn the descrim off, mono and fixed...

alway use the tune button when you start...

read the manual several times and get Jonathan Porter vid for the 3500...

you don't need a box of coils to find gold, especially when you are a newbie...


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Thanks for the tips and info Fred!! The JP video is on the way and my next coil purchase is going to be a 6X8 NF Sadie coil. I am just getting my arsenal in order before I go out full time, filling up my bank acct. so I won't have any worries where my next meal or tank of gas is going to come from.LOL before I start getting on the GOLD! :Detector::yesss:

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