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Ti in meteorites?

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Well Mike, years ago In the backwoods of Mississippi, while detecting one of General Jacksons campsites from the war of 1812 I received a very strange signal on my vlf detector. I dug it up and it seemed to be a lump of iron. it seemed out of place because I had never found another piece like it before. Well, I have always wondered if it might be a meteorite. A couple weeks ago a salesman came to our shop and demonstrated a TMI, a little hand-held x-ray gun that is used to determine the type of metals that are commonly used to make parts in a machine shop. I asked the salesman to shoot my lump of iron with his gun and when he did, it said that the lump was mostly iron with a small percentage of Ti.

I knew that many meteorites are identified as such because of their nickel content, but was unaware that there might be some with Ti in them. And I knew you guys were some of the best in the U.S. and thought I might pose the question.

As far as I know there are no Titanium mines in Mississippi...what would you suggest I do to find out more about my little lump? I would appreciate your advice!!!


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Gotcha, makes much more sense now. If it were an iron meteorite it would have 5-30% Nickel, so I think you can rule that out. Some sort of man-made slag maybe, like something melted in an old campfire pit from the war?

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