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I was at the Tucson Show last saturday and sunday. It was good to see Mark Bowling and talk with him awhile. There are many others that I usually catch up with at the Michael Blood Auction, but since the was no auction this year, I was curious as to whom did attend the show, what they bought, and their thoughts on the show in general.


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I was at the show briefly in some of the rooms. They seemed to be busy. I went to the dinner on Thursday night and it was at a fantastic collection there off of 6th Street. The University people explained their upcoming (2018?) rendezvous with an asteroid. It was meant for members but Lu and I went as guests. They should use this dinner as member recruitment in the future. While there no one told me the details about joining.


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Hey, Ben. I got in to town and just made it to the end of the birthday bash, then shopped around the following day. There were a few more meteorite rooms than the last time I was there in 2012. I bought a few small things.

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Hi Mitchel,

The reason no one told you details about joining, is that membership isn't open to the public. You can join a

ski club, or the GPAA, or the Sierra Club. Those are public. The Meteoritical Society is public. Some "clubs" are actually

fraternal organizations, or more commonly, lodges. The Elks, the Knights of Columbus, the Masons, the Order of the Eastern

Star, or the Shriners, are all fraternal organizations, and just like any college fraternity, or sorority, the public cannot "join".

Prospective members must be recommended by two or more existing members, and vetted before they can be approved to

become members. Hopefully, you and your love for meteorites were noticed, and someone will recommend you for membership.

If not, you might want to approach some of the "lodge-brothers".

Hi Mike,

Yes, it seemed like there were more rooms this year. I went to 4 hotels and never had enough time to see all the rooms.

I found an unclassified NWA that had most of it's fusion crust removed by wind-erosion. It had lots of exposed shock veins

at the surface - no cutting necessary. What a great teaching meteorite! I got a couple of moderately priced stones, too.

lastly, I got one of those awesome light-powered, rotating, display stands from KD Meteorites. I love it as much as some little kid!


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