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Happy Birthday Largo

Au Seeker

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Hi all,

Hey thanks guys for the good wishes!

Being 73 years old isn't great to think about, but it is what it is, but I do have pretty good health

and it would have better if I got out more and hiked a bit.

I was all set to jump for one of the new Minelabs, but I think the company may have stepped on their wanker a bit with the price, no matter if it does have all that gee whiz stuff, like the CTX3030... A few extra computer chips and

we have a $12,000 metal detector. Don't think so... I just don't understand their marketing strategy.

I guess the same guys will be out cleaning out what little of the good stuff is left in the old patches. What will be interesting, will be the lucky guys with the new machines will have to hire a designated digger or two or three, so while one is digging a target, the operator can be out finding another one for the next digger to begin to start his hole... On and on, I think you get the idea...

So I guess I will be using my 5000, I don't think it is exactly primitive by comparison, as well as my SDC23000, which is still a virgin as far as nuggets go.

Sorry I got to getting off the birthday wish subject... My wife says I am getting kinda cranky lately, don't know why, it's just be a few years since I got out in the gold fields, or it seems that way!

Best wishes to you all,


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Gary... I wish you a belated Happy Birthday... May your Birthday Wishes ring the bell :yesss:

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