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Do I have to spend $6000 to find a dang nugget?


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So far I'm at around $3500.00+/- for the sub grammers I've found. That's probably a little short actually since I haven't added up airfare on paper (don't want to!). I'm spoiled though and I know it. I first visited the gold fields of Az. two years ago after lurking this and other forums for over 10 years! I was lucky enough to make a local connection here in Texas that referred me to some of his friends, who took me under their wing(s) and have helped me to learn the joys and the pain of electronic prospecting. I found a screamin' deal on an SDC2300 and last January I actually got my first 5 gold nuggets (all sub grammers). As I type this I'm on a countdown clock to my next visit, in two weeks, to hopefully add to the poke!

But the money...hmm..yes. My future plans are to buy an ATV and store it there. A couple road trips will be upcoming as well because my 11yo daughter wants to come and see the desert now that she has seen how it has captivated 'daddy'! So the money will never stop flowing and I can only hope to find enough gold to defer a few expenses along the way! Is it worth it? Well...HELL YEAH!

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