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Anyone else get skunked yesterday?


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I sure did!

Went out exploring several different washes, I checked exposed bedrock and placered a few fan outs.

Found a few great spots were the lead settled out in groups, but no yellow stuff... boorb

It takes me a little while to get use to the GB2 every time I take it out, after that I start discerning ground noise better and get cranking through the targets. Also checking my ground balance very often is starting to become second nature.

So maybe next time...Sure was a nice day though!

Here's the lead for today post-27032-0-35599600-1423502864_thumb.j

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Well Shay.

You keep finding that bird shot your going to have enough to reload a shell.

Dad and I will join your skunk party :)
We got into some good looking stuff but I think it was too close to the volcanics area.

Oh well, next time


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Yeah, bird shot was on the menu for sure yesterday. We got too close to volcanics for my VLF to be effective. It was a relief to get to an area that didn't scream but then the lead came up. That skunk smell is getting stronger.

Old Tom

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Been using my GB 2 going on three years now. Learn more every time I turn it on. Remember to dial down the sensitivity to about 5 or 6 with the 6" coil. Works for me.

Picked up three this weekend, 3.5 specimen, .8g square piece and a .00g on the scale but the GB 2 found it.

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That's funny.

Wait till ya hear Uncle Ron's recipe for cooking them.


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