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can you identify these rocks plz

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quartzite/granite gravel,,,,, 3/8inch(minus) gravel :idunno: LAst pic through a mcroscope? Hard to judge scale in your pics. THrow a coin in to your photos, next time. Where from. again?

:brows: Where did you meet the alien who sold you the lunar rocks?

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There are many unknown and secret places that have little pieces of granite. which what your photos appear to be.

There are many people selling lunar meteorites and rocks on the internet just to make money off people that don't know what they're buying that are not the real thing, don't join this group of ripoffs/thieves. if you get documented proof from respected scientists, not just someone's opinion from photos on a forum that what you've found are indeed lunar meteorites/rocks then congratulations and by all means sell them for your just rewards.

Even if we at this great forum thought that you indeed had lunar meteorites/rock, we would highly advise you to have them tested by qualified scientists to confirm our opinion before you were to try and sell them, this would make them worth a lot more money than just our opinion, our opinions wouldn't make them worth anything to a true meteorite collector.

Here are some links that can help you with a possible ID if you do find a lunar rock/meteorite, which by the way is very, very rare to find on most of the earth's surface, most are found in the arctic regions of earth, no lunar meteorites have been known to be found in North America, South America, or Europe.


Here are some photo of lunar rocks and meteorites from the link above, the rocks you have look nothing like these specimens.



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i found it in very secrate place, which mean thats have high value so thats why im asking you ,, and i dont know thats for who

WHy do yo uthink it's lunar based?

Which continent, country. state?

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