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Any NLOP.COM poker players out there?


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Wheeee Doggie! Just came in 3rd place on the final table for the 110 token Matrix MTT tournament online. Got me 490 tokens and ended up 3rd out of 125 players. MAN, my butt is numb from all the sitting. BTW, I have been back to my local spot nearby and I guess they really cant say anything about my Visual impairment. DUH! One of the other players is an Attorney and pulled me over to the coffee shop and wanted to represent me if I got hassled anymore. BAZINGA! Man, am I having fun or what! IMUA!

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Back when computerized online poker was all the rage,about 10 years back, an (ex) friend of mine was working on a "bot" (program)that could play poker pretty good.

'It" would win consistently on nickle and dime tables but 25cents and over it would loose consistently.. Aroud the same time period, I heard in the news that most all large online gaming sites had been hacked- basically allowing your hole cards to be seen by the hacker.

THere's something to be said for playing real people- you can see.

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The only site i know got hacked was AbsolutePoker...and it was a past employee that did it if I remember correctly...he had user acct info allowing him to see your cards. But if i put up real money it will be with real players and on a real table...lol

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