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Happy Birthday ArcticDave

Au Seeker

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Belated Happy Birthday to you Dave ... and I knew it was coming too! I was out trying to get my BD nugget yesterday(been trying since my BD Feb 2nd) ... the darn skunk just won't get lost! I sure thought that spot we were in Wednesday was going to be a winner ... It had all the right stuff and the three of us couldn't score even one nugget ... Very strange.

Mike F

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Dang it.im late!.. Happy B day Dave.
Glad you didn't puke :)
What are you like 35 now?
Looking forward to seeing you at the outing


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I think that last gal of mine put a curse on me. No nuggets since I met her! She's been gone long enough I figured the bad juju woulda worn off by now...maybe not!!!

You'll get over them soon enough.

Its the law of attrition.

The more washes you hit, the closer you are to getting that nug :)

Keep at it bud

Tom H.

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