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Google Earth Pro is now free Guys and Gals!


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Hello Everyone,

My son sent me a text yesterday telling me GE pro is now free and when I went to download it a page loads up wanting some info, fill it out and a key will be sent to your email to make it functional. Have fun with it, just remember that the resolution isn't any better but it does have some added features.

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Thanks, Mike ... Does it require much personal info or facebook, etc., log in? ... You're doing a great job on gold rush! ... Really fun to see you on the show, because every time, Dodie tells me about when she first met you going down into the bowels of Phoenix, afraid and with her hidden gun to buy that Goldmaster 3 from you for me, and you immediately whipped out many ounces of gold to show her ... Made her feel both comfortable and protected at that moment and she and I have always felt thanks to you for that! ... Cheers, Ron

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