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boulder dash and I bumped into a couple of serious nuggeteers ( and forum members) out in western Arizona. The four of us hit some new ground as well as some areas nuggets had been found in time past. To say that it was a tough weekend would be putting it mildly, as it was very difficult to score a piece of gold in old hammered ground. In fact , I think most would give up after a day.

Well, I`m glad we all stuck it out , and a few nuggets were procured in the process. Buckeye boy scored a very attractive piece of gold. :brows:

At the left is Buckeye Boys ; lower is my take; and to the right is Boulder dash`s


It was great to meet Buckeye Boy, and New River Blake. Thanks for the good time around the fire, and in the field :black_knight_standing:


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That lower picture is amazing Adam. It was great detecting with you guys and drinking way to much every night. Some good times around that campfire. Can't wait to hunt again. Buckeye boy thanks for letting me use your gb2 when mine broke saved my weekend.

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Good job guys, great lookin gold!

I agree, :4chsmu1: AzNuggetBob

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Who found the dime?
WTG on the gold.

Sounds like you guys had a lot of fun

Tom H.

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Congrats to all! :thumbsupanim Good looking gold and great perseverance, specially after the soggy week. :th_rain-umbrella:

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